Glamping in Ellijay



Glamping is one of my new favorite ways to go on an overnight adventure. Glamping let’s you feel like you are camping, with all the added perks of modern luxury.



A few days ago I went up to Carter’s Lake, in Ellijay, for a fun getaway with my mom. We stayed in this adorable yurt, which I highly recommend to anyone. It was an absolutely wonderful experience.


I loved the rustic charm of this place. Our hosts were so friendly and welcoming. They went above and beyond to make sure we were comfortable. They provided everything you could possibly need while glamping, and then some.

Complete with standard bathroom, shower, gorgeous tile tub, outdoor sitting area, and cowboy kitchen with picnic tables and fusbol, it was perfect. I only wish I had remembered to bring my bubble bath so I could have taken a bath while staring up at the stars. 🤩


What we did:

20180708_141622-01Build an Ark Animal Rescue – we were hoping to see the animals at this lovely rescue, but unfortunately they were closed for a funeral when we stopped by. 😥 They serve as a foster home to baby sheep, goats, rams, alpaca, ponies, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, baby chicks, dogs, cats… and more. They allow the animals to roam and have a peaceful existence while waiting for their new home. Such a good cause.



Engelheim Vineyards – this winery was beautiful. They had live music playing on the back porch, which overlooked the vineyard. We sat at the bar inside and did a wine tasting. The bartender was very knowledgable and helped us picked out our favorites.

Carter’s Lake – we went kayaking on this gorgeous lake. Being out on the water was so relaxing. Watching random fish jump, gliding along with the breeze in your hair, overlooking the glistening water and beautiful nature all around. It was marvelous.

Tumbling Waters Trail – very short hike with a fairly easy hiking terrain, just watch out for the giant raised tree roots (and possible random tree you might have to limbo under). Charming scenery along the path, with 2 overlook destinations. Such a serene setting. Remember to make noise to scare the bears away! You are in the wild. 🐻

At the yurt:

We enjoyed spending time outside under the pergola, playing board games, sipping on wine and chatting.


I loved the fact that we could peek over at the adorable farm animals. The owners introduced us to (at the time) two-day old baby goats, who apparently like to sleep in the pooper scooper.😂 They were super spunky and joy to watch.

They also had some adorable kitties, who like to pretend they are squirrels and climb tiny tree branches (don’t worry, he got up ok👍).

Being a dog lover, I adored their Great Pyrenees, Max. He was such a good watch dog, so calm, sweet, and fluffy!

One of my favorite things about my stay, was staring up at the night sky. Being close to the city, around lots of light pollution, I never get to gaze upon such a dazzling sky. It was amazing.


Where are your favorite places to go glamping or camping? This was my first glamping experience and I am ready for another. Such a fun way to have an adventure! I love being out in nature. 😊


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