DIY Chucky Suspenders

I decided to play dress up this Halloween and do a rendition of the psycho doll Chucky, from the 1988 horror movie Child’s Play. I wanted to make my own jean short jumpers for part of the outfit. So, I cut up an old pair of jeans and put my sewing skills to the test.

I used my handy dandy pizza cutter (aka rotary cutter) to chop off the legs of jeans, sequentially turning them into shorts. Then I cut four 1¾ inch strips (2 from each leg).

I folded each side over to create a smooth edge and ironed it down to keep the crease in place.

I secured each crease with my sewing machine, using denim thread that blended in beautifully.

Then, I attached two strips together to make two super long strips.

Buttonhole time! This was something I had never done before, so I was excited to attempt it. I marked the stitch length by placing the button on top and marking lines with chalk.

I played with my machine a bit to figure out which way to set the dial. It almost seemed too easy, so I did a practice run on some extra material. It worked perfectly. I created buttonholes! 😁

I used the rotary cutter to slice open the hole and slipped my button right in. Perfect fit!

I put on the shorts and measured how long I wanted the suspenders to be on myself. I cut each strip accordingly, using chalk to mark the line. Then attached them with my sewing machine.

Lastly, I attached the buttons by hand sewing them.

All done! I think Chucky would approve. 😜

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