Where to score FREE doughnuts on Friday! National Doughnut Day!



Friday, June 1st, is National Doughnut Day! This mean lots of FREE doughnuts around town, along with other sweet deals!

For anyone curious (like me), this sweet holiday is celebrated every year on the first Friday in June. It traces its origins to World War I, when women from The Salvation Army, called “Lassies,” used to serve doughnuts to the soldiers. The event was first established in 1938, by The Salvation Army in Chicago, to honor these women and their acts of kindness.

Side note: while typing this, I kept switching between doughnut and donut. I couldn’t decide which one I liked typing better. I feel like a grammar nut; I know both are acceptable. However, I am sticking to “doughnut,” since it technically came first, popping up around 1809, in comparison to the spelling “donut,” which started around 1870, and became popular in the 1920s.

Ok, enough history. Let’s get to the good stuff. Here is a list of local shops around Atlanta, GA, where you can score free doughnuts on Friday!

Dunkin’ Donuts: Buy any beverage and get a free classic doughnut.

Krispy Kreme: Get one free doughnut of your choice, no purchase necessary.

Revolution Doughnuts: The holiday falls on their anniversary, so they’ll be giving out free mini Birthday Cake Doughnuts with any purchase (while supplies last)!

Sweet Apple Donuts: Various free doughnuts around this tasty shop! Might be a limited time frame, one year they specified only during the hours of 1-3PM. However, I can’t find a specified time for this year.

Twisted DoughnutsThis Gwinnett doughnut destination will offer all customers one free doughnut per person from its tier 1 doughnut collection (while supplies last).

Da Vinci’s Donuts: They will be giving away one free doughnut per customer at their two locations (Sandy Springs and Alpharetta).

Bon Glaze: Free doughnut with any purchase!

Dough In The Box: Chose from 3 featured donuts! One free doughnut per person.

Duck DonutsGet a FREE classic donut (bare, cinnamon sugar, or cinnamon), no purchase necessary!

The Dapper Doughnut: They are giving away four FREE sugared doughnuts!

Edible Arrangements: They are launching a new Dipped Fruit Donuts on National Donut Day. Stop in their store and try a free donut (one per customer) from 8am until 7pm.

Sublime Doughnuts: Unsure if they are giving away free donuts, but they have a donut shaped like an ice cream cone, called the ‘cone-nut’ that comes with a scoop of ice cream on top. I stumbled upon this on my hunt for free donuts, and I will be adding this to my places to try ASAP.

Best Country Donuts: Unsure if this Cambodian run doughnut shop is giving away anything, but this hidden gem is a local favorite of ours! It is located in Forest Park. You will not be disappointed. (Pictures below are doughnuts from their shop, some are partly eaten, but I tried to arrange them ever so slightly to hide the bites. I couldn’t wait to eat them.)

For doughnut enthusiasts, I recommend checking out Searching for the Donut King podcast. I’m definitely excited about having an excuse to indulge in some sweet sticky goodness on Friday. I hope you have a sugar-filled fun day!


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