Happy Doughnut Day!




If you haven’t already, check out my list of places around the Atlanta area to score free doughnuts today!

I ended up going to Revolution Doughnuts, up by Little Five Points off Edgewood Ave NE.

They are giving away free mini birthday doughnuts, because it is their 6th anniversary of being open!

I also got several other doughnuts (I couldn’t resist), and they tasted even better than they looked! (I didn’t think that was even possible.)

…and after you are done shoving doughnuts all over your face (cause I’m weird and it was fun?), make sure to give your dog lots of kisses. Don’t give them any doughnuts though, no matter how sweet your pup is. I gave her a doggie treat instead. Treats for everyone! 😉


I hope you were able to score some free doughnuts today and had a super fun sugar-rush of a time like I did! Happy National Doughnut day!!

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