Lilly’s 3rd Birthday Party!


My adorable niece, Lilly, celebrated her 3rd birthday today! My sister put together the cutest decorations, Peter Rabbit themed, one of her favorite characters. She even found puree pouches with him on it!

The kids had fun playing with watercolor at the painting station.

Then there were little kiddie pools to splash around in and beach volleyball! The kids had a blast tossing it over the net, or at least attempting to. 😅

There was also a special guest appearance by Mr. Rabbit.

Such a fun birthday party! I loved watching my niece play and enjoy herself. My sister did such a wonderful job setting everything up for her friends to play. Happy birthday sweet Lilly!!! 🐰 🎉 🎈

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Steve Martin says:

    Very nice (pictures and comments).


    1. Dale Cochrum says:

      I enjoyed seeing your pictures of Lilly’s party! You are so talented.


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